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Use Herfert Software’s Patient Correspondence feature to generate listings like:

Patient listing

Address listing

Telephone listing

Email listing

Claim listing

Track referrals

Mail merges

Mail sorts

Avery 5160 labels

File folder or Travel Card labels

Referral lists

Birthday lists

Use a word processor of your choice.

Always have an updated patient email address list.

Create a custom patient listing and download it to a spreadsheet.

Herfert Software also offers a free interface with Document Plus Software. That means you can easily combine your patient information from Herfert Software with information from scanned forms and create documents that are fully compliant with most insurance companies documentation requirements. Visit Document Plus for more information.

How to create mailing labels:

Export a list of email addresses:

How To Export To Excel:

Create mail merges, emails, lists and more.

Patient Correspondence

This a great marketing tool to keep in touch with your patients.  Create personalized letters, coupons, we’ve missed you notes, etc.

View Gary Schaible's LinkedIn profileView Gary Schaible's profile