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Setup specific provider or therapist information such as hours and appointment time intervals.

Insurance Company/Labs

Enter insurance company information such as key code, billing types, procedures allowed, etc.  Laboratories can also be entered in this section if lab work is performed outside the clinic.

Payment Codes

Setup codes to categorize your claims.  e.g. CA for Cash, AA for auto accident, PI for personal injury, etc.  Also, enter up to 10 promotional items per payment code that can randomly be printed on receipts.  e.g.  Free Adjustment Next Visit.

Procedure Codes

Setup procedure codes with custom key codes, fees, type, and 4 levels of CPT codes with optional modifiers.

Multiple Procedure Codes

Setup custom key codes that will automatically generate up to 10 pre selected procedures for a patient’s visit.

How to set up Multiple Procedure Codes:

Diagnostic Codes

Herfert Software comes with diagnostic codes and descriptions you can customize  your own key codes.

Type/Place of Service

Setup 4 billing levels of type of service and place of service codes.  These codes are used to categorize each procedure code.  e.g.  A = Adjustment,  X = X-Ray, P=Purchase, etc.

Provider Office Hours

Setup the clinic hours and appointment intervals per doctor or therapist.  

Open/Closed Office Hours

Open or close the appointment book for specific days and/or hours.  Close the office per doctor for vacations and holidays.  Open the office per doctor for extended office hours.

Time Factors

Setup time allotments for specific appointments.  eg. Adjustment 5 minutes,  X-Ray  10 minutes, etc.

System Configuration

Adjust Herfert Chiropractic Software options to suit your needs.

Exam Tests/SOAP Notes

Customize your own SOAP / exam tests. Enter and/or view up to 26 user defined examination tests that can be recorded per patient visit. Setup choices per test as well as descriptive paragraphs. More information on Exam Test/SOAP Note.

Customizable Features

Herfert Chiropractic Software is fully customizable to accommodate anyone.

View Gary Schaible's LinkedIn profileView Gary Schaible's profile