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We’re making it easier for your chiropractic clinic to go green.


  • Import any image from a digital camera.

Patient photos

Pre & post posture assessments

Even x-rays

  • View a detailed, readable image right on you screen.


  • PDF Files can be imported and viewed.
  • Import .JPG files to patient records.
  • Digital x-rays, (.DCM) files can be imported.


  • Automatically scan and store any type of document or image.

Patient history forms



Insurance card (front and back)

Claim documents such as accident reports

3rd party documentation

  • Use any TWAIN compliant scanner.

More Paperless Features

  • Email appointment reminders
  • Text (SMS) appointment reminders.
  • Email patient statements.
  • View all reports on screen.
  • Export any Herfert Software report to a PDF file.
  • Create patient exam templates.
  • Electronically transfer encrypted exam notes.

Paperless Features

You can have a paperless office.

HIPAA requires destroying patient information before discarding. We recommend a NAID member like BULLDOG RECORDS MANAGEMENT for your secure records storage and document destruction.

View Gary Schaible's LinkedIn profileView Gary Schaible's profile