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Want specific information for your specific needs?  Herfert Chiropractic Software offers a wide array of data filters so that you can decide exactly what  report information you need or don't need.

Our report formats have been tested and approved by Chiropractors and CA's around the globe.

All of Herfert Software’s reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF file.

Patient Correspondence

Patient Listing

Address Listing

Telephone Listing

Email Listing

Claim Listing

Patient Tracking

Visit Tracking

Labels (Avery 5160)

Referral Lists

Mail Merge

Birthday List


Standard Schedule

Detailed Schedule

Missed Appointments

Patients without Appointments

Patient Status Report

Send Email or Text Reminders



Statement Style


Exam Notes

Visit Notes

Initial Report

Final Report


Pre-Billing Worksheet

Charge Accounts

Patient Statements

(7 Statement Types with email options)

Response Files

Billing Forms

CMS1500/HCFA1500 (Dec 90)

HCFA 1500 (Oct 89)

New AMA (Jan 84)

Old AMA (May 80)  

Claim Review (Status Inquiry)

Workers Comp (Dec 94)

Missed Billing

Insurance Payment Tracer

Claim Review/Status Inquiry

Insurance Payment Tracking



Insurance Companies

Procedure Codes

Multiple Procedure Codes

Diagnostic Codes

Type/Place of Service

Insurance Follow Up

Transaction Listing

Inventory Listing

Transaction  Deletion

Patient Transaction History

Transactions (Daily)

Office Total  

Individual or Multiple or Doctor

Pre Pay Totals

Procedure Code Display

Doctor Summary Bank

Payment Code Cross Totals

Procedure Code Cross Totals

Deposit Report

Year to Date

Weekly, Monthly, Annual

Individual Doctor or Office Total

Procedure Code

Doctor Summary

Payment Code Cross Totals

Procedure Code Cross Totals

Referral Code Cross Totals

Totals by Patient


New Patients

YTD Graphs and Statistics

Accounts Receivables Aging


Patient  Balance

Insurance Balance

Patient & Insurance Balance

Report Listing


All of our chiropractic software reports provide you with information and details necessary to manage today's chiropractic office.

View Gary Schaible's LinkedIn profileView Gary Schaible's profile