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Whether you prefer the term SOAP Notes, Exam Notes, Visit Notes or other  you can create your own customized detailed chiropractic specific notes with Herfert Chiropractic Software. Herfert Software gives you all the tools necessary to create fully compliant, customizable notes, using your own words, in your own style, for your preferred technique.

We offer 26 examination tests for you to personally define. Each of the 26 examination tests can have up to 10 customized descriptive paragraphs, 5 individual level and 5 combined level. Plus, using our standard and personalized merge codes your notes will be personalized per patient. The paragraphs will then randomly be selected when printing your patient notes for random note generation.

Don’t have time to customize your own Exam Notes? Herfert Chiropractic Software also includes Exam Notes already designed and written by Dr. Herfert for chiropractors special needs.  

Customize your own Notes

Entering exam findings and other patient notes are designed to be done quickly and easily. Simply duplicate patients last visit and modify if necessary.

With our customizable features you create the tests, the test values and even the screen color coding, that means that you don’t have to memorize someone else’s ideas. You can even create and customize your own templates and forms to be used from patient to patient for History of Symptoms, Comments and Subjective Comments.

We’ve also included a Private Notes (tab page) that can be used as a doctors worksheet. The doctor can type in private notes which will not get printed on visit notes. The Private Notes can however be printed separate from the visit notes.

Patient Exams Large.png

Herfert Chiropractic Software includes lots of print options. Print  Individual Level (Long) or Combined Level (Short) Chiropractic SOAP Notes. Choose report titlessuch as "Visit Notes", "Initial Report", or "Final Report". Select to include or exclude diagnosis and/or chiropractic care procedures on reports. And because we know how busy Chiropractors can be we have also included a digital signature.

All of our reports can be viewed on screen or saved as a PDF file. PDF’s can be encrypted and digitally transferred to attorney’s and insurance companies.  Our Patient Exam, Visit, SOAP Notes undergo excruciating insurance audits across the country and we always pass with high compliments.

And of course, Herfert Software is always HIPAA compliant.

Exams Image Large.png

Advanced image storage system for a paperless office.

Using a scanner of your choice you can automatically scan and store any type of documents including forms and reports. Our detail scanning process allows you to rotate or magnify documents for easy viewing of even small print items.

Import any kind of digital media into your patients exam records. You can even take a digital photo of a patient's x-ray and be able to view a detailed, readable image right on your computer screen.

Attach scanned documents and digital photos by  patients claim for easy organization and retrieval.  We offer up to 99 claim per patient.

Enter Exam Findings

Image Storage System


Exam/SOAP Note features

  • Touch screen friendly
  • Customize your own exam notes
  • Random text generation
  • Includes pre-designed notes by Dr. Herfert
  • Pre-loaded with diagnosis and procedure codes
  • One click to duplicate a patients last visit
  • Create custom note templates
  • Securely  Transfer  Exam (SOAP) notes using encrypted PDF
  • Import patient x-rays
  • Use with a laptop, tablet or handheld device
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Additional note areas for:

History of Symptoms


Subjective Comments

Doctors Private Notes

Patient documents

SOAP Notes (Exam Notes)

We give you all the tools necessary to create fully compliant, customizable SOAP (Exam) notes, using your own words, in your own style, for your preferred technique.

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Create a SOAP Note Template

SOAP Notes:

G Codes SOAP Notes Registration

Password protect a SOAP Note

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